WatchGuard XTM firewall/VPN solutions put comprehensive security between your education network and malicious threats.

Deploy blazing fast, multi-function XTM firewalls with IPSec and SSL VPN capabilities built in
Add security subscriptions to boost protection in critical attack areas, stopping spam, inappropriate and dangerous web content, viruses, and other network intrusions
Keep social networking sites off limits if you choose, and block IM and P2P applications
Control web surfing with teacher overrides - even on HTTPS traffic
Ensure only authorized users have access to your valuable resources
Track, monitor, and review real-time reports with easy management tools
Network Traffic Logs – the Key to Network Forensics
All WatchGuard XTM appliances provide a range of network traffic and user authorization logging capabilities. For verbose diagnostics, either syslog or the WatchGuard proprietary formats may be used for collecting network traffic data. In addition, integration with standard network monitoring solutions can be achieved via the XTM SNMP support.
Extensible Threat Management for Education
Extensible threat management (XTM) security solutions from WatchGuard aggregate multiple security measures into a single, easily configurable solution. Choose from a family of these devices, which can be deployed everywhere from individual schools to district or state data centers. XTM protects school data while delivering reliable management, monitoring, logging, and reporting.
Identity Management
With built-in authorization databases or the option of integrating with Active Directory, LDAP or RADIUS, the WatchGuard XTM solutions provide a range of sophisticated user authorization capabilities. This helps to ensure that only authorized students and teachers can access computer and network resources. It also allows school acceptable usage policies to be reinforced by providing detailed control over those applications and services that users are able to access.

Address Content Control
K-12 schools in particular require detailed control of the content that students are allowed to access for CIPA compliance and to meet their Acceptable Usage criteria. WatchGuard WebBlocker security subscription provides detailed URL filtering capabilities on HTTP and HTTPS, with no per user licensing fee.
HTTPS URL filtering helps to eliminate many of the more popular techniques for getting around content filtering. With WatchGuard’s proxy firewall architecture it also possible to prohibit the use of IM and P2P applications, helping to reduce the potential for exposure to harmful content and incoming malware. Combining this content filtering with the ability to prohibit the ingress of malware via the Gateway AntiVirus/Intrusion Prevention Service and spamBlocker security subscriptions provides the ultimate in content control.
Secure Communications
Integrated into all WatchGuard XTM appliances is support for Virtual Private Networks (VPN) via IPSec, which provides secure site-to-site communications. In addition, mobile users have access to secure communications via either IPSec or SSL VPN.
Manage Rogue Endpoints
For wired or wireless networks, WatchGuard XTM appliances can be configured to ensure that only authorized computers are allowed access to the network. The ability to create network zones for wireless networks also provides the maximum in network protection with the flexibility of wireless guest network access.


Meet Ransombear -he is not your friend

But we can help you avoid this guy!!
What is Ransomware?
Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to a computer system that it infects in some way, and demands that the user pay a ransom to the operators of the malware to remove the restriction.
Locker ransomware: typically spread through social engineering, phishing campaigns, and watering-hole sites.
More on Ransomware
How does it affect me?
Crypto ransomware: Instead of restricting user action by denying access to the user interface, Crypto ransomware targets the data and filesystems on the device. Crypto examples include: Locky, TeslaCrypt/EccKrypt, Cryptolocker, Cryptowall, CTB-Locker...
Ransomware is honed in on small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) and distributed enterprises. In fact, 42% of SMBs consider crypto-ransomware to be the most significant threat they face today, in large part because they often lack the resources they need to defend against these type of attacks.
Ransombear is on the Hunt 
How can I avoid it?
Call Abadata - 989 883 3411 -  we have cutting edge technology that effectively protects and guards your network so you can do your your business and let us take care of the technology.
In the meantime, use data back ups daily.   Use external drives ie cloud based - (Want to know more?) Call Abadata.


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