Leaders in Unified Communications Align to Hold Mastermind Meeting in Houston, Texas

Abadata Computer Corp., a leader in unified communications, announced today that Dave Wineman, President of Abadata, has been invited to attend the 17th Annual Technology Assurance Group Convention, an organization of dominant unified communications companies in North America representing $350 million in products and services. The event brings together the most successful leaders in the unified communications sector, in order to elevate the industry as a whole, through the sharing of best business practices, CEO-to-CEO collaboration and exchange of viewpoints as the future of technology. The TAG Convention will held at the Royal Sonesta in Houston, Texas on April 2-5. The theme of this year’s convention is “teamwork drives success”. It will focus on the power of teamwork, which is suitingly situated at the nation’s epicenter for space exploration.
“We’re proud to have Dave Wineman attend our event,” stated Brian Suerth, President of Techology Assurance Group. “Dave brings a tremendous amount of insight and we’re thrilled to have him his views with our Membership. His contributions throughout the year to his fellow Members have raised the bar for every company in the technology space. In sum, we’re honored to have Dave in attendance.”
One of the keynote speakers at the TAG Convention is Colonel Richard “Mike” Mullane, a former pilot and astronaut who developed his expertise in leadership and teamwork through an array of combat reconaissance missions in Vietnam and space shuttle missions for the United States. Colonel Mullane will be sharing his insights and collaborating with TAG Members in order to help advance their leadership and teamwork abilities.
Also in attendance will be North America’s elite technology manufacturers. These providers will be delivering futuristic technology to TAG Members in order to accelerate the technological proficiency of small to mid-sized businesses. With their new software, cloud computing and auxilary equipment, businesses can anticipate strong growth in 2017.
Abadata considers itself to be a suitable advisor for private healthcare practices in all aspects of IT, because they are focused more centrally on introducing technology that has a positive bottom line impact on any organization they work with. In fact, one of their key strategies to market expansion over the years has been to build relationships through perpetual education of their customers. The organization considers itself a leader in the marketplace and it is focused on maintaining that dominance by being an endless supplier of high-value, IT based knowledge.  
“I look forward to attending this year’s event and coming back with new ideas to improve our customer experience,” commented Wineman. “I believe that the better we understand teamwork, leadership and technological expertise, the more profitable our customers will become. We consider this event a privilege to attend, especially because of the high caliber peers and it also serves as a very effective way to keep our customers miles ahead of their competitors, sustaining their competitve edge through our delivery of futuristic technology.”
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