REMC SAVE Overview
The REMC Statewide SAVE Project is provided as a service of the REMC Association of Michigan for all Michigan schools. The Project provides large volume contracts for a variety of educational resources. By using REMC SAVE contracts, Michigan schools have saved more than $500 million since 1990. Each tax dollar saved through this cooperative effort represents another dollar that is available for additional instructional needs. 
Purchasing Authority
The legislation that established REMCs (Michigan Compiled Laws Act 451 Section 380.671), and State Board of Education Rules, enable REMCs to bid on behalf of local school districts and also provide local school districts with the authority to purchase using REMC contracts. All items and vendors are awarded through a sealed bid process by the REMC $AVE Bid Project fiscal agent, Ingham ISD.
Eligible Agencies

The following agencies are eligible to purchase using the REMC SAVE Bid Project contracts:    
   PreK-12 Public, Charter (PSA) and Non-Public Schools
   Community Colleges, Universities and Colleges
   Public Libraries
   State, County, and Local Government Agencies
   Educational Non-profit Organizations
   Health Care Facilities


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